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Attracting Top Talent in a High-Growth Firm: My Industrial Placement

Ren joined AlphaSights in July 2016 as a Junior Talent Attraction Associate. She will spend 12 months with us as part of her year in industry studying Social and Policy Sciences at the University of Bath.

After nearly eight months into the world of work, I can only describe my feelings towards working life as a pleasant surprise. As expected, my initial dive into the adult world in a busy London office came as quite a shock to the system

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The Importance of Reflection: Industrial Placement to Full-Time Role

Ross joined AlphaSights as an Industrial Placement student in August 2013 within the Consulting segment of the firm. In July 2015, Ross returned as a full-time Associate in the Capital Markets team.

According to recent statistics, more than half of the UK’s top employers now offer industrial placements to undergraduate students for a period of six to twelve months. From the employer’s perspective, such opportunities are put forward with a view to train and hopefully retain their placement

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