Sabrina and Taylor joined the New York Recruitment Team in July 2016, after majoring in Psychology and Marketing respectively. Here are their top tips on preparing for your AlphaSights interview - whether it's in person or online.

Interviews can be a nerve-racking part of landing that perfect job, and that’s why the Recruiters of AlphaSights are here to provide you with some quick tips on acing the first round interview!

Taylor conducting an interview via Google Hangout.

Before the Interview

  • Test your computer and wifi: Don’t wait until minutes before the interview to make sure your video camera and microphone are working. Many times candidates will experience technical issues throughout the interview, causing a disruption and leaving a bad impression.
  • If you do continue to experience technical difficulties, ask to have a phone interview instead.

Find a “professional” setting

  • In order to present yourself professionally, try to find a clean and quiet setting.
  • Try to avoid distractions - these can distract the interviewer as well, and this also appears quite unprofessional.
  • Tell your family, friends, roommates etc. that you will be in an interview, and not to disturb you.
  • If you can’t find a spot at home, try the library or your campus career center if there are any interview rooms that you can reserve for an hour (these usually have to be booked in advance!) You could also ask a friend if they have a quiet area that you can use.
  • Turn off your phone: buzzing notifications can create a distraction for you and the interviewer.

Do some research

  • By this stage, you should of course understand what AlphaSights does as a company but we expect you to do further research via our website, social media pages and blogs. You should also research the industry more broadly and see how AlphaSights fits in.
  • Utilize the videos provided to you, as well as those found on our website to better understand the AlphaSights process, and to learn what an Associate project would entail.
  • How does the role fit into your career path? Practise your answer to this question so that you are able to articulate it concisely. Interviewers want to uncover your interest and enthusiasm about AlphaSights…what is it that attracted you in your job search?

Review your resume

  • Try to better familiarize yourself with your most relevant/recent work and leadership experiences. You should feel comfortable speaking about these experiences in depth, in terms of your responsibilities on a day-to-day basis, skill-set development, and any challenges you faced.
  • Try to avoid reciting the descriptions provided on your resume.

Dress professionally

  • This can leave a lasting impression on your interviewer!

During the interview

Non-verbal communication

  • Posture - sit straight and tall as this demonstrates confidence. It’s also a good idea to avoid sitting on your bed. Even if the interviewer cannot see it, you will most likely be inclined to slouch.
  • Eye contact - look at the camera, not the screen.
  • Try to avoid fidgeting - avoid desk chairs that swivel is possible, and do not to move around too much.

Use appropriate language and tone

  • With our generation’s reliance on technology, it’s easy to fall into a “slang trap”. Avoid words such as, “you know,” “like,” “um,” and “literally”. This can be a challenge, but a great trick is to take a pause when speaking, instead of using these words as fillers.
  • Try to speak clearly. We understand that nerves can cause us to speak rapidly, but try to be aware of your pace.

Active listening

  • Demonstrate that you are listening and actively thinking throughout the interview.

Ask questions

  • This shows us that you are eager, engaged, and enthusiastic about the opportunity at hand.

After the interview

  • Send your interviewer a thank you note! This shows us that you are appreciative of our time, as well as the opportunity to interview with AlphaSights. Good luck!