In economics, “clustering” refers to a geographic concentration of businesses from interconnected industries, which helps some companies achieve competitive advantage. The best example of this is Silicon Valley; small firms achieve economies of scale because of their proximity to similar high-tech firms. Ideas are shared and connections are forged simply because a Google employee strikes up a conversation with a new startup founder at a coffee shop. Like we’ve found at AlphaSights, human progress and knowledge sharing is impacted most significantly in one-to-one interactions and when individuals have easy access to the knowledge they need.

During my time at AlphaSights as an intern this summer, I’ve come to view the AlphaSights NYC office as a microcosm of an economic “cluster” because of the complementary skills each person brings to the office. Every day I interact with talented, diverse, and intelligent co-workers. Our open desk structure allows me the freedom to lean over to my mentor to ask questions, propose a new idea, or listen to a call.

During breakfast and lunch, I sit at our office picnic tables and chat with Vice Presidents, Software Engineers, and Recruiting Associates. As I write this, I'm collaborating with members of the Corporate Build team, an Associate from our Hong Kong office, and a Manager who sits across the office. Even though we each have unique backgrounds and roles, our personal and professional differences strengthen each other and AlphaSights as whole. It’s this culture and company outlook that has led to other office initiatives, such as our book club or monthly socials out of the office. Our constant communication within and across teams allows us to allocate our resources efficiently, leading to even more personal and professional growth. AlphaSights has benefitted from its internal clustering because its employees are able to access others with the skills and knowledge to get anything done. Whether it's a Designer, Software Engineer, Recruiter, or Associate, there’s someone who you can leverage internally to get anything and everything done.

As an Economics major entering my final year of undergrad, it’s fascinating to witness “clustering” occur on a visible level. AlphaSights’ company structure, our desire to share information with one another and grow, and our office layout are some of the reasons why AlphaSights is achieving economies of scale at a faster pace than other companies of similar size. As a Summer Associate, I have learned a lot about a multitude of industries, but have learned even more from my colleagues and fellow Summer Associates. The high level of human capital here continually impresses me. I believe that as we continue to share new ideas and innovate, the internal growth in our AlphaSights NYC office “cluster” will result in external growth in our clients’ thinking.