Alvin joined AlphaSights in August 2015 as a Recruiting Associate in the Hong Kong office. Here he shares how he came across AlphaSights and his career search.


Upon graduating college with a major in Biotechnology, I came to realize my professional passions lie in human communication and business, rather than research. This switch in my career trajectory posed a challenge this May as I was searching for my first full-time role. Luckily, AlphaSights was holding information sessions at my university’s career fair and I quickly learned that the employees came from all kinds of disciplines, making the office full of staff from diverse backgrounds and varying skill sets. After doing research on AlphaSights, I became increasingly interested and applied to join the team.

Interviewing at AlphaSights was different to interviewing with other typical Asian firms: firstly, the interior design of the office was incredibly open and there were no cubicles, so everyone from first year Associates to Vice Presidents were sitting together in an open floor plan mingling amongst themselves. Secondly, the interview itself was different to any other I have encountered. The interviewers all focused on my personal goals and career path rather than my technical ability.

I have developed professionally and personally since joining AlphaSights. Taking on a role at a non-traditional firm has given me an opportunity to have a lot of responsibility quickly. I have been able to polish my communication skills and work in a fast-paced environment.

If I was not open to the new and somewhat different opportunity, I wouldn’t be able to work with the amazing teams globally at AlphaSights. Having gone through the job application process, I recommend applicants stay open minded with their career options. Do prepare well before coming for the interview and think about your career goals. During the interview, just be yourself and show us what your passions are. We look forward to seeing your applications soon!

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