Applying for our Associate Programme? Here are some tips about our application process, including advice on preparing for the AlphaSights Video Assessment (AVA).

AlphaSights' Client Service Team is hyper-responsive. The environment they work in is fast-paced and projects move quickly. Our recruitment process is no different. When initially engaging with the application process, you’ll hear back from us within 72 hours. This means that it is even more important to do your research before applying.

Reading up on the Knowledge Search industry and on how AlphaSights differs from its competitors will put you at an advantage at the initial stages of the recruitment process. Be sure to spend time on our website, relevant blog posts and social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter.

1) Online application

To be considered for a role, you will need to submit your CV via our website. While we know some employers ask for a cover letter to compliment your CV, AlphaSights gives you the opportunity to display your enthusiasm, motivations and preparation at the assessment stage.

2) Assessments

Most applications do not include numerical tests. This is because most roles focus on qualitative research and communication. You will be asked to complete the AlphaSights Video Assessment, which tests your ability to confidently communicate under time pressure and to think on your feet. So how does it work? You will receive a unique link to your AlphaSights video assessment. When you're ready to go, the software will prompt you to answer questions on your webcam. There is always a time limit, but remember what we're testing here is your ability to articulate yourself and answer questions concisely. For the London office, you will also be prompted to complete your motivational statements. Our online assessments aren’t designed to catch you out; they give you an opportunity to demonstrate your strengths, motivations for joining AlphaSights, as well as your understanding of the role itself. If you have technical issues, contact the recruiting team straight away.

3) First interview

Once you have completed all parts of your online application, the Recruitment Team will contact you either by phone or email. Typically we process all applications within 14 days, so if you have not heard back from us then please check your “Junk Folder” in case we have emailed you with an update. As with any application, if you have not heard back within the specified time frame, do get in touch. Checking in on your application shows that you are proactive.

The first interview (usually around an hour) focuses on your career motivations and understanding of our business model. Expect questions relating to our client base, competitors and delivery process.

4) Project Interviews / On site

Project interviews consist of two on-the-spot cases with senior managers, who will also be interested in your career motivations, background and skill set. If successful at this stage, you will be asked to meet with either a Director or Senior Commercial Vice President. Don't over-prepare for this final stage. Your interviewer will look to understand what experiences have moulded your decisions up to this point and how they will continue to help shape your future.

Candidates who have prepared thoroughly will feel more prepared and will enjoy the interview process more, but remember to act naturally and enjoy getting to know AlphaSights. We have designed a number of Connect Days, Mixer events and Campus Meet-Ups to introduce you to the company beforehand. View the full calendar on our Meet Us page. If you are interested in applying for our Associate Role, apply here and good luck!