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Our Partnership: Teach First & AlphaSights

We’re delighted to announce our official partnership with Teach First. Read on to find out more about the work of Teach First and how we're bridging the gap between teaching and business.

Founded in 2003, Teach First is a social enterprise that has grown exponentially and had tremendous impact. In their short history, they have already recruited nearly 7,000 teachers and have reached over 1 million students. Active in schools serving low-income communities in every region of England

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A Year in Review: AlphaSights 2014

It’s been six years since AlphaSights began providing our services to top business leaders. Each holiday season since then, we’ve reflected on the year that passed and are always amazed by all that has changed.

2014 at AlphaSights followed suit; it was a busy year filled with exciting changes and tremendous growth, both in the size of our business and the number of employees that make up the AlphaSights family. Our team participated in exciting new management training

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When Salary and Compensation Are Two Different Things

Salary. For some, that’s the most important factor when evaluating a potential position. What is my base pay? How big is the potential bonus? How quickly will I be eligible for a raise? These are entirely rational questions to ask yourself while going through the job search process.

At AlphaSights, we think paying employees fairly is of utmost importance and we also understand the expenses that come with living in major cities where our offices are. That’s why

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AlphaSights: Knowledge Partners With Acumen

At AlphaSights, our core business is in knowledge. We equip our clients with the most relevant on-the-ground expertise, closing their knowledge gaps and informing the critical business decisions they make. As knowledge flows increasingly quickly across borders and industries, facilitated by better digital connectivity, our service is becoming increasingly valuable. By unlocking and making knowledge available to our clients, they gain considerable strategic advantages when looking into new markets and industries.

Recently, it has become clear how our product is

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During the week of August 25th, AlphaSights employees across three of our global locations - Hong Kong, London, and New York - accepted the #IceBucketChallenge and came together to #StrikeOutALS. ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, attacks the motor neurons or nerves, causing muscle atrophy. It can inflict anyone, and there is no cure.

The challenge, which spread like wildfire across social media during the past couple of months, has succeeded in raising both money and awareness for ALS.

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The AlphaSights Story

Like any great start-up, our story starts at Stanford Business School in California. Well, that’s at least where our two co-founders, Max Cartellieri and Andrew Heath, met while playing beer pong and getting their MBAs in the late 90s. Both developed their entrepreneurial spirits in the Valley and went on to start companies in their native Germany. Max founded Ciao, a consumer review and price comparison website, which he grew to about 300 people and eventually sold to Microsoft.

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