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The Next Step

Courtney joined AlphaSights' New York office in 2013 and moved to the London HQ in 2015 as a Manager in AlphaSights' Capital Markets Group, overseeing the European Public Equities segment. Here she shares her experience and key takeaways at AlphaSights, before she leaves to pursue an MBA.

Courtney with her team mates on the Three Peaks Challenge.

As a firm, we promote AlphaSights as a platform upon which ambitious young professionals can launch their careers. As I prepare to take

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Unlocking Knowledge to Drive Social Progress

On August 10, 2010, a bright-eyed, blonde-haired 22-year old from suburban America began a 38-hour voyage from Seattle, Washington to Ndejje, Uganda to change the world. It was her first trip outside of North America, and she was filled with all of the gusto and confidence one would expect of someone moving to Africa for a year.

If you guessed that the girl described above was me, you're right. If you also guessed that I was very quickly humbled, you're

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