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Choose Your Career and We’ll Choose You: A Guide to Heightening Your Career IQ

I'm ten years old and entering the US for the first time. The Customs Officer leans over and asks, "why are you entering this country?" With conviction, I repeat the only English sentence I know: "I am here to be a famous actress in Hollywood."

A lot has changed since that day. From actress to journalist, entrepreneur to consultant, recruiter to talent manager; I switched dream careers more often than some people change their socks. However,

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Job Search in the Information Age: Five Tips on Finding the Right Opportunity

When I was job hunting, every morning I would wake up to over a dozen job board alerts and social media updates in my e-mail. I was bombarded with ads, employer profiles, recruitment videos… and I had no idea where to start my search. Eager to find the right opportunity, I signed up on every listhost for job seekers I could find and eventually I spent more time sifting through literature about potential employers than taking the time to submit

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