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Dynamic Work Environment - Why I Like Being Industry Agnostic

Lauren came to AlphaSights New York immediately after graduating a semester early from John Hopkins University. She works on our Consulting Segment and is an avid participant in all AlphaSport activities.

The last thing I wanted going into my first job was a standard entry level position where I was stuck behind Excel or filing documents on behalf of my manager. I thought consulting sounded interesting, was a bit worried by the fact that you could be on the same

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How to be Open to Change and Uncertainty

There are many people in this world who are planners, who thrive in structure, who schedule every moment of their day, and who fear unexpected changes to any predetermined path. However, even those who find themselves clinging to rigidity can benefit from learning to accept changes, no matter how quickly they come up.

I come from a background of playing Division I college sports, where my classes and studying were tightly scheduled around practices, workouts, and games. I thrived under

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