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If You Were a VC, Would You Invest in Yourself?

In my previous post, "My Non-Traditional Path to AlphaSights", I wrote about my unconventional journey from a teenage entrepreneur to a college student to helping start the AlphaSights New York office. What I left out was why I chose to join AlphaSights over the other companies I was interviewing with. Simply put, I made a choice to invest in myself.

On Twitter, a user asked Mark Suster, an Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist who sold his company to Salesforce,

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My Non-Traditional Path to AlphaSights

“If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask which seat. Just get on.” - Eric Schmidt as recalled by Sheryl Sandberg

Because of my father’s business, I spent a lot of time growing up in Hong Kong and other places throughout Asia. While living there, I noticed that computer parts were being made everywhere in Asia. I had always been passionate about technology, computers, and IT, so I took particular interest in this fact.

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