We are an active office and enjoy playing sports, in particular football and netball. Managers from our Private Equity segment, Nick Barr and Alexandra Caplan, share insights and photos from their respective sports.

The Russellmen

Nick Barr - Manager, Private Equity and Director of Football in the Community

The Russellmen is AlphaSights' esteemed football team, a club steeped in history, tradition and (occasional) success, both on the domestic and international stage. The club name itself derives from our first ever office in Covent Garden, Russell Chambers. The name of our home ground? Russell Meadows.

Recent triumph in South London's premier football competition, the Elephant & Castle, 7-a-side, Wednesday Night league, is testament to the importance of continuing to rotate fresh Associate talent into an increasingly experienced squad. As we continue to build for the future, the club will continue to focus on grassroots football, continuing to promote our Tuesday night 7-a-side league, but also internal games, client games and the ever popular footgolf. Yes, AlphaSights is a fast-growing business, but the Russellmen are busy expanding too.



The Net Credits

Alexandra Caplan - Manager, Private Equity and Team Captain

The Net Credits may be the newest team on the AS London block, but we are arguably the fastest growing. Founded in Summer 2015 by a keen group of childhood netballers, the Net Credits joined a mixed league with the mission to spread awareness of the sport and encourage intra-office cooperation.

We now have a regular squad made up of many segments of the AS business, including recruiting, operations and tech alongside client service members in PE, Consulting, CAP and Corporate. In terms of additional support, we have received weekly players from our Russellmen allies, as well as from interns, new Associates and even family members!

The Net Credits is a team for all abilities, and the variety in the squad gives members a chance to socialise with a different set of people than their day to day. We are proud of how far we have come as a team in the last year and have even started to win some matches(!) Look out for our first tour, location TBC!



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