Xinyi joined the Client Protection Team at AlphaSights in June 2016 after graduating from Ohio State University in 2013 with a Juris Doctor degree, and practicing as an Attorney in New York. She joined AlphaSights in New York, the company's largest office, and worked there for six months before transitioning to our youngest but fastest-growing office in Shanghai.

Have you ever wondered whether you’d lead a more interesting and fulfilling life if you took on more challenges? Are you more excited about something unconventional, or would you prefer to stay safe in your comfort zone?

I am inherently an extremely cautious person, always weighing the pros and cons of each option. However, I recently started pushing myself to break out of my comfort zone and look for new challenges. This has not always been easy but I can say without any hesitation that joining the Shanghai office at AlphaSights has been the most worthwhile challenge I’ve ever accepted.

My journey at AlphaSights has been unconventional but utterly exciting. After spending three years in New York as a Litigator defending the rights of injured workers every day in court, I joined AlphaSights to challenge myself in a more commercial environment. My first six months were spent in our largest office in New York before I relocated back to my home state, Shanghai, where the youngest and smallest office sits.


In Shanghai, I truly feel like we are are standing at the frontline and growing our own start-up from the very beginning. All of us take on many more responsibilities than what is written in a simple job description. For example, everyone supports me in my role of providing client protection and structural leadership, building a strong foundation to ensure that sustainable growth can be achieved quickly but safely. Together, we define the DNA of this office. As a team, we encourage each other in ups and downs of life, grow together professionally and as an office to achieve long-term success. We cheer for every little step of achievement along the way, and we also celebrate every milestone of our journey.

A constant challenge when growing a small office is to envision where you will be in the long run; how the office and the company will look like in five or ten years; and regularly reminding yourself not to bury your head and lose your direction in the day-to-day ground work.

Of course, no one can be sure of what the future will hold. This is why we start small, focus on the daily realistic achievements which might seem insignificant at the moment, and we listen to our inner visionary selves. You know you will get where you want to be eventually. In all honesty, we have everything to gain, and nothing to lose in our twenties. Change only happens gradually, every great thing that has ever happened to this world started with touching stones to cross the river.

Xinyi (right) in New York with Emily and Justine from the Client Protection Team.

As old Chinese wisdom says: A thousand miles begins with a single step. Be a visionary, but also be realistic. Stay patient and know what you are working towards, don’t let little obstacles on a single day cloud your judgment for your bigger vision. AlphaSights is a place that believes in opportunities and that people are its greatest assets. If you have the attitude to take on great responsibilities, we will happily invest in your success.

Seek out challenges, keep innovating.

Start small, think big.

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