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Adaptability: the mindset for growth

Mehdi joined AlphaSights London in 2013 and is responsible for growth projects currently with a focus on global marketing, branding and communications.

As I picked up my copy of The Sunday Times last weekend, I was delighted to see AlphaSights appearing for the 3rd year running on the Virgin Fast Track 100, this time in 21st place, confirming our status as one of the UK’s fastest-growing firms. However, these types of accolades beg several questions. What’s behind a

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How I Found Autonomy in an Entry-Level Role

Since joining AlphaSights full time a year ago, the explicit benefits of the entry-level role have always been obvious to me: ability to enjoy AlphaSights’ terrific culture, chance to develop crucial project management skills, and opportunity to deepen communication skills, among many others. Less obvious have been some of the more implicit benefits of the post-graduate AlphaSights role. And after reflecting on the past year, one virtue has stood out to me in particular: autonomy.

Every company will tout the

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A Case For Intrapreneurship

"Entrepreneurs right now are like the rock stars of the '80s."

This analogy was recently posed to me by the founder of a successful wine and spirits delivery startup based in New York City. He continued, "In the '80s, everyone wanted to be a rock star and live a rock star life of wealth, success, and fame. The reality is that not many people had the right combination of talent and resources to accomplish the feat, but

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Choosing AlphaSights: Why I Chose Uncertainty Over Structure

Claire joined AlphaSights in August 2013 and now manages AlphaSights' European Talent Attraction strategy.

Doing what everyone else is doing makes me uncomfortable. When I was 7, I wanted to play the cello simply because no one else played it. Of course, I kicked myself once I realised this thing had to be carried around – especially when it was bigger than me (no seriously, I could actually fit inside the case and I haven’t grown that much since).


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By Millennials, For Millennials: Workplace Culture for the Millennial Generation

The Millennial Generation gets a bad rap for basically everything we do (or so it seems). We're often called entitled, disconnected, or lacking in perspective of the "real world". Sure, we question everything. And yes, our devices are always in hand, but we have faster access to authentic information about the world's mere mortals than any previous generation. The deeper you explore this phenomenon, the more you find that the fundamental behaviors exhibited by this age group are

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Working with distressed debt and credit clients

At AlphaSights, we have unique range of clients, from Corporate Strategists to Fund Managers. My team is part of the Capital Markets (CAP) segment in London and we work specifically alongside hedge fund and credit fund clients. What marks out hedge fund investors is that they have a broad investment mandate and employ leverage to maximise their returns. Interestingly, distress investors, sometimes called ‘special situation’ funds, focus on investing in securities & companies experiencing financial or operational distress, default or

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