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AlphaSights Goes Alster: New European office location announced

Johannes Koch (known as “JK”) is a Vice President at AlphaSights in London. JK studied Economics at the University of Bonn and started his career at a boutique executive search firm before joining AlphaSights in 2009. He is now a member of the global management team, playing a leading role in business development and team growth in Europe.

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Engineering to AlphaSights: Shifting my Career Thinking

Mohammed joined the AlphaSights Dubai team in 2015 after completing his Masters in Mechanical Engineering at New York University. Here he shares his experience choosing his career path and deciding to move away from a technical career.

Up until my final year of college, I believed I would follow my father’s footsteps as an Engineer. I would work for a large, industrial company, follow a linear career trajectory and, through hard work, I would end up in a management

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Dynamic Work Environment - Why I Like Being Industry Agnostic

Lauren came to AlphaSights New York immediately after graduating a semester early from John Hopkins University. She works on our Consulting Segment and is an avid participant in all AlphaSport activities.

The last thing I wanted going into my first job was a standard entry level position where I was stuck behind Excel or filing documents on behalf of my manager. I thought consulting sounded interesting, was a bit worried by the fact that you could be on the same

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Video Assessments: why employers use them and how to succeed

Miranda joined the Recruiting Team in February 2015 after having spent a year teaching English and Spanish at the University of Caen.

Whether you’re familiar with them or not, video assessments are being used more and more by graduate employers. At AlphaSights, we ask candidates to complete a short video assessment as part of the recruitment process.

We’re a people-based, communication-intense business and we want to understand you as best as we can – how you communicate, how you

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What it means to be AlphaSights

Rupprecht (or "Rupi" to the team) joined AlphaSights in May 2015 and is part of a team working alongside various private equity firms in the EMEA region.

Month six at AlphaSights and time has flown by. Taking a moment to reflect, I realise that there are a number of reasons why time has gone so quickly. Many of us, while at university, compile a mental list of things we hope to see fulfilled when starting our first job.

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When Applying Twice Can Land You the Job

Because the world of on-demand professional knowledge is young and often behind the scenes in today’s business world, one doesn’t go through life preparing to be a part of it. As such, the path to AlphaSights is often unique and paved with lessons learned along the way. There's not just one road that leads to AlphaSights, and the company doesn’t hire based on a specific set of experiences. My story is no exception. I ended up at

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