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An Open-Minded Career Search

Alvin joined AlphaSights in August 2015 as a Recruiting Associate in the Hong Kong office. Here he shares how he came across AlphaSights and his career search.


Upon graduating college with a major in Biotechnology, I came to realize my professional passions lie in human communication and business, rather than research. This switch in my career trajectory posed a challenge this May as I was searching for my first full-time role. Luckily, AlphaSights was holding information sessions at my university’

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Playing to Win: Hong Kong

AlphaSights is full of active, sports-obsessed people. Whether it's softball in New York, football in London or boating in Hong Kong, people at AlphaSights bond outside of the office through tough and exciting competitions and team sports. Learn more about this side of life at AlphaSights in this series, starting with a post from Hassan, one of our Managers in the Hong Kong office.

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Performance Through Diversity

Born and raised in Australia, Chloe has been with AlphaSights since 2014 and is a Client Protection Manager in the firm's Hong Kong office.

Diversity In People

As a second generation Hong Konger, raised in Australia, you’d think that it would be hard to beat the diversity that I was exposed to in ‘the lucky country’ renowned for multiculturalism and social diversity. Wrong. When I joined AlphaSights’ Asia hub in Hong Kong almost two years ago, I found myself

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AlphaSights Knowledge For Good Partnership

Originally from Ireland, Darragh joined Alphasights Hong Kong in June 2014. He works within the Consulting segment and is a key member of the Knowledge For Good Partnership.

During the course of my first 18 months at AlphaSights in the Hong Kong office I’ve been involved in a plethora of stimulating projects covering industries as diverse as semiconductor fabrication plants to predictive policing software (not as ominous as it sounds). Yet few have been as rewarding as the recent

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Unparalleled Opportunities at a High-Growth Company

What many young graduates tend to ignore is the fact that a successful career depends not only on an individual’s skillset and virtue, but as much on your company’s willingness to let you use them to the fullest. There have certainly been countless talented and driven people over the years who were never able to fully reach their potential either because the industry in which they operated wasn’t growing, or because they joined organizations filled with people

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My Unconventional Route to AlphaSights

Having grown up as a Korean girl in the UK, I am a product of two polarising cultures. This brings about complexities when making milestone decisions in my life and it was no different when I had to choose my career path. My Korean side would want to be obedient and pursue a profession deemed “proper” by my parents, whilst my UK side would want to explore other unconventional avenues.

“You will be a lawyer” - this was drummed into

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