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Intern to Full-Time: My Path at AlphaSights

Oren started as a Summer Associate at AlphaSights before earning a full-time role. He now works on the New York Corporate Segment.

Intern season - NYC’s favorite season, of course. The subways are extra crowded with sweating overly dressed college students eager to make a good impression to their employers. A short year ago I was one of those too, except I was fortunate enough to be approaching the least conventional summer internship I’ve ever had.

Most students

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Looking for an Internship? Keep This in Mind

Prior to embarking on the journey to find a full-time, postgraduate opportunity, it's important to take advantage of summer internships to cultivate your interests and develop real-life working experience. When searching for prospective internships, it's important to keep in mind the following questions.

  1. Will I be valued at the company as an intern? Will your role be grabbing lattes and faxes or will you be responsible for contributing to day-to-day business affairs? Typically rapidly-growing companies like AlphaSights provide an 'all

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In economics, “clustering” refers to a geographic concentration of businesses from interconnected industries, which helps some companies achieve competitive advantage. The best example of this is Silicon Valley; small firms achieve economies of scale because of their proximity to similar high-tech firms. Ideas are shared and connections are forged simply because a Google employee strikes up a conversation with a new startup founder at a coffee shop. Like we’ve found at AlphaSights, human progress and knowledge sharing is impacted

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Life as an AS Software Engineering Intern

Hello world! My name is Eamon, and I’m a Software Engineering Intern at AlphaSights.

During my summer internship at AlphaSights, I've been able to work on existing and brand new web applications as a full-stack developer, using Ruby on Rails, CoffeeScript, and SASS. One of the web applications that I developed from scratch alongside another software development intern was an internal tool for our People Operations (POPs) team that allows employees to manage job requisitions and applications on the

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