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Start Small, Think Big 从小开始,梦想远大

Xinyi joined the Client Protection Team at AlphaSights in June 2016 after graduating from Ohio State University in 2013 with a Juris Doctor degree, and practicing as an Attorney in New York. She joined AlphaSights in New York, the company's largest office, and worked there for six months before transitioning to our youngest but fastest-growing office in Shanghai.

Have you ever wondered whether you’d lead a more interesting and fulfilling life if you took on more challenges? Are you

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From Law school to AlphaSights: Why I chose a Business rather than a Legal Environment

Justine joined AlphaSights in July 2015, after studying Law in Belgium, Spain and the UK. She sits on the Client Protection Team in London, helping clients to use AlphaSights' services safely and effectively.

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Output vs. Input: the case for high-growth companies

Jason joined AlphaSights in April 2015 after reevaluating his decision to pursue a legal career. Originally from Australia, he studied Law at Cambridge and worked at Baker & McKenzie and Google before joining AlphaSights' Client Development Team in London.

Life as a lawyer offers many things: a long-term career path, a clearly defined day-to-day role, and an easy way to explain what you do for a living. Having read Law at Cambridge and trained at a leading global firm, the

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My Unconventional Route to AlphaSights

Having grown up as a Korean girl in the UK, I am a product of two polarising cultures. This brings about complexities when making milestone decisions in my life and it was no different when I had to choose my career path. My Korean side would want to be obedient and pursue a profession deemed “proper” by my parents, whilst my UK side would want to explore other unconventional avenues.

“You will be a lawyer” - this was drummed into

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