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Play your part in building AlphaSights: Announcing the Campus Ambassador Programme

In an increasingly crowded undergraduate environment, we will ensure our Campus Ambassadors stand out from the crowd. At AlphaSights, we trust and encourage our employees to think for themselves. They are business builders who use innovative methods to get results. The Campus Ambassador Programme is no different; Ambassadors will be given the responsibility to choose the best way to grow AlphaSights’ brand presence, with flexibility to work around university commitments.

Our Campus Ambassadors - supported by the Campus Recruitment Team

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Intern to Full-Time: My Path at AlphaSights

Oren started as a Summer Associate at AlphaSights before earning a full-time role. He now works on the New York Corporate Segment.

Intern season - NYC’s favorite season, of course. The subways are extra crowded with sweating overly dressed college students eager to make a good impression to their employers. A short year ago I was one of those too, except I was fortunate enough to be approaching the least conventional summer internship I’ve ever had.

Most students

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By Millennials, For Millennials: Workplace Culture for the Millennial Generation

The Millennial Generation gets a bad rap for basically everything we do (or so it seems). We're often called entitled, disconnected, or lacking in perspective of the "real world". Sure, we question everything. And yes, our devices are always in hand, but we have faster access to authentic information about the world's mere mortals than any previous generation. The deeper you explore this phenomenon, the more you find that the fundamental behaviors exhibited by this age group are

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Changing Jobs, Not Firms: The New Norm for Millennials?

There are countless articles detailing the new age of career mobility for restless millennials with "job ADD". They cringe over stats that show that we stay in jobs for less than three years on average, and try desperately to align traditional company career tracks with disruptive employee retention trends. Personally, as a millennial, I’m a little tired of being painted as the problem generation.

But what if being a millennial doesn’t mean changing firms every three

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