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Why Graduating Early was the Right Decision For Me

Mishelle joined AlphaSights in February 2015 and works within the Private Equity Segment of the company.

When I would tell people that I was going to graduate early, I would get mixed reactions. “Why do you want to do that?” my friends would ask, “you’re choosing to miss the best semester!” Others would ask me “how are you pulling that off? I wish I could be done with school early too.” I knew a few people who were also

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Intern to Full-Time: My Path at AlphaSights

Oren started as a Summer Associate at AlphaSights before earning a full-time role. He now works on the New York Corporate Segment.

Intern season - NYC’s favorite season, of course. The subways are extra crowded with sweating overly dressed college students eager to make a good impression to their employers. A short year ago I was one of those too, except I was fortunate enough to be approaching the least conventional summer internship I’ve ever had.

Most students

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Dynamic Work Environment - Why I Like Being Industry Agnostic

Lauren came to AlphaSights New York immediately after graduating a semester early from John Hopkins University. She works on our Consulting Segment and is an avid participant in all AlphaSport activities.

The last thing I wanted going into my first job was a standard entry level position where I was stuck behind Excel or filing documents on behalf of my manager. I thought consulting sounded interesting, was a bit worried by the fact that you could be on the same

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The Treat of a Retreat

Since joining the AlphaSights NY Team in July 2014, I've heard awesome stories of past company retreats – the early days with a small global team in Ibiza, sun and fun in San Diego, jet skiing in Tampa… the list goes on. I've always admired the way my colleagues carry and share these memories, honoring them in internal project titles and with photos of teams bonding taped to my peers' computer monitors. My expectations for this year's excursion to New Orleans

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A Case For Intrapreneurship

"Entrepreneurs right now are like the rock stars of the '80s."

This analogy was recently posed to me by the founder of a successful wine and spirits delivery startup based in New York City. He continued, "In the '80s, everyone wanted to be a rock star and live a rock star life of wealth, success, and fame. The reality is that not many people had the right combination of talent and resources to accomplish the feat, but

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Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills – Which Matter More in the Long Run?

Today, many young job seekers pursue a variety of different, perhaps less-traditional opportunities upon graduation. Gone are the days when large, multinational corporations, with decades of history, gobbled up all of the college graduates and encouraged them to build 30-year careers with a single company. Instead, many graduating students are torn between taking a traditional job with a "brand name" company, or going against the grain and launching their career with a new age firm. Included in this

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