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AlphaSports in New York: Winning On and Off the Field

Ethan joined AlphaSights in August 2014 and is a sports aficionado, proudly representing both the Philly and Richmond sports scene at AlphaSights. Here he gives us an insight into playing softball with his colleagues.

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AlphaSights Goes Alster: New European office location announced

Johannes Koch (known as “JK”) is a Vice President at AlphaSights in London. JK studied Economics at the University of Bonn and started his career at a boutique executive search firm before joining AlphaSights in 2009. He is now a member of the global management team, playing a leading role in business development and team growth in Europe.

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Singapore to Oxford to London: Working Abroad at AlphaSights

Attracted by the diverse, fast-paced nature of the job and work environment, Sze-Wing joined AlphaSights in July 2015, shortly after finishing a degree in Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford. Originally from Singapore, she now lives and works in London. She sits with a team focusing on European Private Equity clients.

It was never really in my plan to spend much time abroad - I’d spent most of my life in Singapore, and was really comfortable and settled

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The AlphaScholars Programme: How my international background helped me succeed

Polly moved from Switzerland to spend eight months of her gap year with AlphaSights. She will be studying French and International Relations at Durham University.

A global information services firm packed full of young, motivated and intelligent people - my first day at AlphaSights aged 17 for an eight-month internship was definitely a daunting one. Many aspects were challenging and required a lot of adapting, but there was one part of this experience that for me was entirely familiar: the

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Working with distressed debt and credit clients

At AlphaSights, we have unique range of clients, from Corporate Strategists to Fund Managers. My team is part of the Capital Markets (CAP) segment in London and we work specifically alongside hedge fund and credit fund clients. What marks out hedge fund investors is that they have a broad investment mandate and employ leverage to maximise their returns. Interestingly, distress investors, sometimes called ‘special situation’ funds, focus on investing in securities & companies experiencing financial or operational distress, default or

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Across the Pond, Mate: The AlphaSights Cultural Exchange Program

In my sparsely decorated New York apartment, there's a large world map framed on the wall above my bed. Across this map, there are a number of black, red, and white-colored push pins in sporadic locations. Black pins symbolize the places I've been to. Red is for places I've planned to go. And white is for the few dream vacations — places I can only hope to one day be able to travel to.

I recently had the opportunity to add

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