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3 Simple Ways to Stand Out at Career Fairs and Networking Events

With recruiting season just around the corner, Ren, a Talent Attraction Associate at AlphaSights, has some advice on how to stand out at a Career Fair.

Your first interaction with an employer may well be at your University Career Fair. Although it is not an interview, it is definitely an opportunity for you to differentiate yourself from the rest of the crowd. The best way for you to make a good impression with the people who could potentially be interviewing

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Video Assessments: why employers use them and how to succeed

Miranda joined the Recruiting Team in February 2015 after having spent a year teaching English and Spanish at the University of Caen.

Whether you’re familiar with them or not, video assessments are being used more and more by graduate employers. At AlphaSights, we ask candidates to complete a short video assessment as part of the recruitment process.

We’re a people-based, communication-intense business and we want to understand you as best as we can – how you communicate, how you

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What it means to be AlphaSights

Rupprecht (or "Rupi" to the team) joined AlphaSights in May 2015 and is part of a team working alongside various private equity firms in the EMEA region.

Month six at AlphaSights and time has flown by. Taking a moment to reflect, I realise that there are a number of reasons why time has gone so quickly. Many of us, while at university, compile a mental list of things we hope to see fulfilled when starting our first job.

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When Applying Twice Can Land You the Job

Because the world of on-demand professional knowledge is young and often behind the scenes in today’s business world, one doesn’t go through life preparing to be a part of it. As such, the path to AlphaSights is often unique and paved with lessons learned along the way. There's not just one road that leads to AlphaSights, and the company doesn’t hire based on a specific set of experiences. My story is no exception. I ended up at

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The Happiness Myth: The Truth About Your First Job

As the calendar turns to Summer, we can officially celebrate the end of college graduation season. We’ve been treated to the wisdom that only celebrity commencement addresses - like one by the inimitably quotable Kanye West - can provide. And now, if you're among the luckiest of the 1.8 million students expected to graduate this year, you've got a job lined up and are eagerly awaiting your first day in the real world. But sometime between that first

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Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills – Which Matter More in the Long Run?

Today, many young job seekers pursue a variety of different, perhaps less-traditional opportunities upon graduation. Gone are the days when large, multinational corporations, with decades of history, gobbled up all of the college graduates and encouraged them to build 30-year careers with a single company. Instead, many graduating students are torn between taking a traditional job with a "brand name" company, or going against the grain and launching their career with a new age firm. Included in this

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