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The AlphaScholars Programme: Broadening Perspectives and Developing Industry Awareness

As an AlphaScholar, one is quickly embedded into one of four AlphaSights divisions here in London: Consulting, Corporate, Capital Markets or Private Equity. Within these teams, one has daily insight into dozens of companies in numerous industries based all over the world. From French FinTech to Indian mobile payments to UK casual dining startups: AlphaSights is at the crossroads of knowledge flows and international business affairs. To experience this as an 18-year-old ‘gappie’ is highly valuable.

This programme has significantly

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The AlphaScholars Programme: How my international background helped me succeed

Polly moved from Switzerland to spend eight months of her gap year with AlphaSights. She will be studying French and International Relations at Durham University.

A global information services firm packed full of young, motivated and intelligent people - my first day at AlphaSights aged 17 for an eight-month internship was definitely a daunting one. Many aspects were challenging and required a lot of adapting, but there was one part of this experience that for me was entirely familiar: the

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The AlphaScholars Programme: More than I Bargained For

During my application for the AlphaScholars programme, I knew that it had a lot to offer but to be honest, I also saw the placement as an opportunity to fund a few months of travel in Summer 2016. Now, as I near the end of my placement, I can without a doubt say that AlphaSights has given me more than I bargained for. The placement was always going to improve my professional skills but I wasn't expecting it to have

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