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Why Recruiting at AlphaSights is the Most Challenging Task I’ve Ever Had

Ironically, the challenge of my job has nothing to do with the fact that I am hiring for Software Developers, a population with an exceptionally low unemployment rate. It's not even the high demand for experienced Ruby on Rails developers that makes my job so difficult. Or that California seems to be some giant magnet pulling most of the world's developers to its valleys away from the East Coast where our US office exists.

Truly if these were the only

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Life as an AS Software Engineering Intern

Hello world! My name is Eamon, and I’m a Software Engineering Intern at AlphaSights.

During my summer internship at AlphaSights, I've been able to work on existing and brand new web applications as a full-stack developer, using Ruby on Rails, CoffeeScript, and SASS. One of the web applications that I developed from scratch alongside another software development intern was an internal tool for our People Operations (POPs) team that allows employees to manage job requisitions and applications on the

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