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International Transfer: What I didn't know about working in Dubai

Stefane joined AlphaSights' New York office in July 2014, where he worked on the Consulting and Capital Markets segments. In January 2016, he followed his desire to live and work abroad and applied for a transfer to the AlphaSights Dubai office (otherwise known as the International Associate Programme), where he is now a Manager working with local Consulting and Private Equity clients.

Once I learned of the opportunity to join our Dubai office, what immediately came to mind was a

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AlphaSports in London: The Russellmen and Net Credits

We are an active office and enjoy playing sports, in particular football and netball. Managers from our Private Equity segment, Nick Barr and Alexandra Caplan, share insights and photos from their respective sports.

The Russellmen

Nick Barr - Manager, Private Equity and Director of Football in the Community

The Russellmen is AlphaSights' esteemed football team, a club steeped in history, tradition and (occasional) success, both on the domestic and international stage. The club name itself derives from our first ever

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AlphaSports in New York: Winning On and Off the Field

Ethan joined AlphaSights in August 2014 and is a sports aficionado, proudly representing both the Philly and Richmond sports scene at AlphaSights. Here he gives us an insight into playing softball with his colleagues.

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Playing to Win: Hong Kong

AlphaSights is full of active, sports-obsessed people. Whether it's softball in New York, football in London or boating in Hong Kong, people at AlphaSights bond outside of the office through tough and exciting competitions and team sports. Learn more about this side of life at AlphaSights in this series, starting with a post from Hassan, one of our Managers in the Hong Kong office.

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Ambition vs. Competitiveness; The Transferable Skills I Developed as an Athlete

Ben joined AlphaSights in May of 2015 and works on the Client Development team in London. He enjoys a wide range of sports and has played football throughout his life.

It is widely known many of the qualities gained through playing sports are desired by employers and transferable to working life. This sentiment may ring true in particular for people who have played team sports, which naturally emphasise communication and cooperation.

Having spent the majority of my life playing football,

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Why Student-Athletes Have Traits That Lend to Workplace Success

Sean joined AlphaSights in January 2011, as we opened the New York office and is the Vice President of our Private Equity team. He played Division I collegiate tennis at the University of Notre Dame.

No more practice after class. No more early morning lifts. No more constant travel, well maybe a little…

If you were a student-athlete in college, then your life has most likely been defined by tryouts, practices, and competitions for the last 15-20 years. Few people

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