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Teach First and AlphaSights: Shaping the future.

Connor Brown studied History at the University of Edinburgh and has just finished his first year as a participant on the Teach First Programme. He joined AlphaSights this summer for an internship designed to bridge the gap between teaching and business.

At the end of the school year, I watched proudly as my class of 5-year-olds marched out of the door for the last time. They were small in size, but enormous in personality.

Fast forward two weeks, and I

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Intern to Full-Time: My Path at AlphaSights

Oren started as a Summer Associate at AlphaSights before earning a full-time role. He now works on the New York Corporate Segment.

Intern season - NYC’s favorite season, of course. The subways are extra crowded with sweating overly dressed college students eager to make a good impression to their employers. A short year ago I was one of those too, except I was fortunate enough to be approaching the least conventional summer internship I’ve ever had.

Most students

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The Treat of a Retreat

Since joining the AlphaSights NY Team in July 2014, I've heard awesome stories of past company retreats – the early days with a small global team in Ibiza, sun and fun in San Diego, jet skiing in Tampa… the list goes on. I've always admired the way my colleagues carry and share these memories, honoring them in internal project titles and with photos of teams bonding taped to my peers' computer monitors. My expectations for this year's excursion to New Orleans

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A Year in Review: AlphaSights 2014

It’s been six years since AlphaSights began providing our services to top business leaders. Each holiday season since then, we’ve reflected on the year that passed and are always amazed by all that has changed.

2014 at AlphaSights followed suit; it was a busy year filled with exciting changes and tremendous growth, both in the size of our business and the number of employees that make up the AlphaSights family. Our team participated in exciting new management training

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