We’re delighted to announce our official partnership with Teach First. Read on to find out more about the work of Teach First and how we're bridging the gap between teaching and business.

Founded in 2003, Teach First is a social enterprise that has grown exponentially and had tremendous impact. In their short history, they have already recruited nearly 7,000 teachers and have reached over 1 million students. Active in schools serving low-income communities in every region of England and Wales, they are taking a truly innovative approach to tackling educational disadvantage. Teach First is a truly unique organisation. Not only do they have a tremendous impact tackling education inequality, they also help graduates and pupils alike develop the skills needed to succeed in the 21st century workplace.

We attended their Impact Conference and had the pleasure of discussing career ambitions with many Teach First participants. There’s no doubt that those who stay in education will continue to make a huge difference. For those who transition into business, we’re equally certain that the skills honed throughout their two years at Teach First will serve them extremely well in the 21st century workplace. The communication skills, drive, confidence, and “whatever-it-takes” attitude we encountered first-hand at the Impact Conference are exactly the attributes we look for.

We’re proud to be a supporter of Teach First’s fantastic work, and we look forward to working with them in a number of different ways, from mentoring their teachers to coaching their students on practical business skills. As an organisation committed to developing tomorrow’s business leaders, we are very proud to be partnering with Teach First and look forward to collaborating with them on many exciting projects!

Find out more about Teach First's important work here.

For information about opportunities for Teach First alumni, visit our website.